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During the seminars and general interactions I am usually asked how to win at the casinos, which are the casino games where you can make a profit.Although it is incredible, the answer is that all games can be vulnerable to a player with an advantage.Let’s take a look at 6 games and the way they can be tackled to have more chances to win at the casino. Are these:

The casino games that any player can win are:

  • Black Jack
  • Dices
  • Roulette
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Carnival Card Table Games

Slot Machines

In order to win in the casino, I will explain each game individually and I will also offer an overview of the principle by which each game method is governed with advantage in different cases.

Note: although the ideas listed below are easy to understand, the execution is complex and several months in intense training are needed to implement them properly. The casino online options are there with the best deals now.

Black Jack

Do you want to play blackjack? It is the most popular game also called 21 and the most promoted to win the casino, but you must learn to play to know how to win.

There are other methods that players used in the past, some of them are still applied in the current game environment, while others have lost relevance. The systems of court of deck were fashionable in the mid-nineties, but the casinos have countered them with increasingly complex shuffling ways.

The last option in blackjack is the weirdest: it is the covered card. It is the technique to determine which the covered letter of the croupiers is. We say it’s weird because it’s only found in about 1 in 80 croupiers. And you cannot always determine that letter in all hands. To complicate matters further, it is not determined exactly what the letter is. Sometimes you only have an opportunity to see the values ​​of the cards. So you will have to determine what the best strategy is by limiting the letter. Whether the letter has a value of 10 or not is a popular strategy. That the letter has a value of 8 or 9 is another example. The determination of the strategy often requires computer simulations.

How can you win the slots?

They are called thieves with one arm for a reason. They are games with great variability, which means that ninety nine percent of people lose and only 1% of the players earn money. However, there are a couple of ways to play that give the player an advantage over the casino. We also recommend that you read this fantastic article with tips for playing slots.

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